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ASI Power is committed to supporting home and business owners who wish to install the latest, most efficient self-generation technologies in order to control energy costs and help protect our precious environment. These are typically ‘off-grid’ applications today, ie where no utility service option exists. But in the near future, as the obstacles of outdated utility policies are removed, and more enlightened government regulations are introduced, ‘on-grid’ generation and small scale distributed power generation will become an important means for our homes, businesses and communities to produce energy and share the benefits of clean, renewable power.

We at ASI Power are very active working with decision makers from the utilities, regulators, government agencies and trade groups to introduce new policies which promote small-scale distributed renewable energy generation. Our goal is that one day soon it will be commonplace to see solar panels and or wind turbines in our neighborhoods, on our businesses establishments and helping to power our industries, and that our farmers will be rewarded for making use of their huge biomass potential to generate distributed renewable power.  
This is the only logical future scenario for a region so blessed with renewable resources, confronted with impending energy shortages, while 100% dependent upon imported oil for much of its energy requirements.

Besides distributed small-scale renewable energy generation being the smart thing to do, it is the right thing to do!
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