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Welcome a brand new era in renewable energy in Central America!

This new era is the result of recent changes in energy policy in a number of countries, but especially in Costa Rica, where a new government has set its targets high and committed itself to achieving the combined benefits of…

  • economic security,
  • energy security,
  • carbon neutrality and protection of biodiversity, and
  • increased job creation and economic recovery

Not surprisingly, all of these objectives are served by promoting renewable energy generation and thus REDUCING OUR DEPENDENCE UPON IMPORTED OIL to generate electricity!


Our products and services

  • Solar panels – conventional crystalline silicone
  • Solar panels – new flexible ‘thin film’ technology
  • Wind turbines - from 1 kW to 100 kW capacity
  • Electronics – ie batteries, inverters, charge controllers
  • Site assessment – solar and wind
  • Solar water heating – traditional and concentrator technologies
  • Solar water pumping
  • Engineering & design of renewable energy systems – on or off-grid
  • Telemetry and performance monitoring of energy system via the Internet

Water– please visit our sister company Agua Solutions at if you require sustainable water solutions for your home, business or industry

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