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"Off-grid" gallery


This is a hybrid or combination solar and wind generation system for an ‘off-grid’ home in Guanacaste. Note the smaller solar panel array to the left. This small array powers the home’s well water pump.
hybridSolarWind2 In the background is the country home – with no power poles or overhead wires to spoil the view of the volcanoes or surrounding natural environment. There is never a utility ‘power cut’ here.
batteries The 16 sealed, deep cycle AGM type batteries which store the energy for use during the nights or no wind periods are housed inside a small shed next to the solar array.


"Off-grid" example:

An ‘off-grid’ system is one where the home or business is powered exclusively by its own renewable energy system. Off-grid systems are always equipped with batteries to store power for times without sun or wind or micr-hydro generation. There is no utility wire or meter connected to the house, and usually no utility power poles in the vicinity. These systems are typically found in remote or semi-remote areas without electricity service, such as fincas, small islands or indigenous communities. They may also be found powering remote telecommunications towers, meteorological stations and National Park facilities.

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